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Chicago's Social Madness competition (click here to see standings)

Social Madness is a competition designed to identify the companies with the best social media skills. Bizjournal’s algorithm measures growth on Twitter, (your God) Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to the votes on By September, three national champions will be crowned and we’ll make three $10,000 donations to charities that the winners designate. The the first cuts were made on June 18th. Then, in each of 43 metros where Social Madness is taking place, 24 companies (eight in each size category) will go into head-to-head elimination match ups. Weekly eliminations will continue until local champions move to the national phase in July.

I have to admit - it’s nice to see the small companies hold their own against the medium-sized companies.

More on Socialmadness here:

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Click above to view his UStream and see him LIVE on cam in Korea!

My Thoughts: Twitter AND UStream gets another Win with Kanye now in the mix. It made me think of the value proposition for celebrity users. What better way for a celeb to connect with their fans? They can do it in the privacy of their home (or hotel before a flight), it takes little effort, AND they cut out the forever hated middleman —- the media. For the genius who thinks he’s misunderstood, this is perfect. No more media misprints, just one-on-one conversation. These low effort mediums of communication are winning.

  • Note: According to Bloomberg, the microblogging service will make a small profit this year (09’) off of $25 million in revenue, thanks to the search deals it completed with Google and Microsoft, which were reportedly worth $15 and $10 million, respectively. Those deals pay Twitter for access to tweets that are in turn included in real-time search results on each property.

Since then, i believe twitter did a deal with Bing. I wonder if Kanye did more than boost his brand/image at the Google HQ awhile back. Regardless, i’m following my fellow chicagoan. While i’m at it, check out @LupeFiasco (Madison, IL.), @SirMichaelRocks (Matteson, IL.), and @Kidsister (Richton Park, IL.) too, LOL!

Definitely check out the link. I personally liked his response to someone calling him a racist.

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