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'During the 1850s and 1860 engineers carried out a piecemeal raising of the level of central Chicago. Streets, sidewalks and buildings were either built up or physically raised on hydraulic jacks. The work was funded by private property owners and public funds.’

Interesting! I never knew this about Chicago. Chicago was effectively too low at lake level to dig traditional storm sewers, enter ambitious 19th century civil engineering at the time before modern technology, and they built solutions. Placing buildings of two and a half stories on rollers’ and physically moving them (while still operating, as customers’ climbed through a moving door!), or lifting them by hydraulics.

Chicago's Social Madness competition (click here to see standings)

Social Madness is a competition designed to identify the companies with the best social media skills. Bizjournal’s algorithm measures growth on Twitter, (your God) Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to the votes on By September, three national champions will be crowned and we’ll make three $10,000 donations to charities that the winners designate. The the first cuts were made on June 18th. Then, in each of 43 metros where Social Madness is taking place, 24 companies (eight in each size category) will go into head-to-head elimination match ups. Weekly eliminations will continue until local champions move to the national phase in July.

I have to admit - it’s nice to see the small companies hold their own against the medium-sized companies.

More on Socialmadness here:

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The White Sox 1st round draft pick (13th overall), Courtney Hawkins, does a backflip live on MLB Network.

Courtney can teach Marion Barber (Former Bears RB) a thing or two on how to execute a perfect landing. #Chicago_will_never_forget_the_endzone_faceplant.

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